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Tricks and Techniques for taking a break from Technology:

For most middle school students, there is not a time they can remember without cell phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems etc. Too much technology can prevent tweens from interacting with people in real life. It can also interfere with sleep and physical activity. Consider these suggestions for keeping a balance:
  • Make a ratio rule. For example, you could tell your child that for every half an hour they spend on the computer, they spend an hour doing something else, such as riding bikes or playing the guitar.
  • Create digital-free zones. For example, no devices at the dinner table or when you go to a restaurant.
  • Insist devices go off at bedtime. You may consider creating a family docking station where everyone leaves their devices before bed.
  • Create a reward system where your child can earn extra time with a device on nights or weekends.
  • Try to lead by example! It is important for all of us to remind ourselves to be present and enjoy the moment. If you are making a rule for no phones at the dinner table, follow the rule yourself. Take this as an opportunity to catch up on your child's day.
* Adapted from Middle Years, 2014 Resources for Educators

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